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twist Moment and Bending Moment in cohesionlessMomentRotation


Dear all,

I am still investigating the cohesionlessMomentRotation.
It is written in the sources files that this code has been "verified with the paper of Plassiard in GM".

However, Plassiard considers in his paper "and in his thesis" only the rolling part of the relative rotation of particles (and thus only bending moment), whereas in the code rolling and twist part of the relative rotation are considered (and thus bending and twist moment).

My question: is there a particular reason for that? What is the motivation of the person who wrote this code? I don't say that is bad or good, but I would like to have an idea about advantages and disavantages, and physical meaning for considering a twist moment.

Jean-Patrick, if you read this mail, please give your opinion!

Best regards,

Luc Sibille

Université de Nantes - Laboratoire GeM UMR CNRS

IUT de Saint Nazaire
58, rue Michel-Ange - BP 420
44606 Saint-Nazaire Cedex, France

Tel: +33 (0)2 40 17 81 78

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