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Re: twist Moment and Bending Moment in cohesionlessMomentRotation


> good, but I would like to have an idea about advantages and
> > disavantages, and physical meaning for considering a twist moment.
> Hi Luc,

Physically the problem of elastic contact between two bodies subjected to
normal force and twisting moment was studied in elasticity by Deresiewicz.
The contact pressure distribution is given by Hertz whereas the twisting
moment causes shear stress components. Then you can also distinguish between
slip and no-slip solution (something similar to the Hertz-Mindlin no-slip
and partial slip solution, though in Yade we have only the former atm). The
maximum twisting moment is then limited by friction. This is the real case.
Besides that, I think your question is do we see any advantage to use it or
not as it is implemented in the code. As Janek said, it is possible to
simulate a beam with it but for granular materials I do not know if it could
help and why, whereas we all see the advantage of rolling resistance.