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Re: periodic boundary


Hi, you can -- set the cell size in the z direction to comfortably
accomodate your whole simulation, no need to handle it specially. It has
(almost) no performance impact either.

Hi, Vaclav!
So, if periodicity is enabled a simulation space extents from (0,0,0) to (+x,+y,+z)?
And I need a "floor" in a periodic cell as you can see in a file 1.png
But after first contact spheres with facets I get a periodic facets (see 2.png) and a error:

Yade [1]: FATAL /home/sega/work/yade/trunk/pkg/common/Engine/GlobalEngine/InsertionSortCollider.cpp:440 spatialOverlapPeri: Body #1 spans over half of the cell size 1 (axis=0, min=0, max=0, span=0) FATAL /home/sega/work/yade/trunk/core/ThreadRunner.cpp:31 run: Exception occured: /home/sega/work/yade/trunk/pkg/common/Engine/GlobalEngine/InsertionSortCollider.cpp: Body larger than half of the cell size encountered.

So, periodic facets is a bug or a feature and how to can I create a floor?


Best regards,
Sergei D.

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