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Re: Launching scripts inside Yade ?


> Thanks but this does not work. I get by this way plenty of errors about 
> python functions (I want to use during the execution of the script) 
> which are not defined (errors I do not get if I launch the script as 
> usually).

Yade imports a few things automatically when it starts (into the
namespace where the script runs, and also where the command line
operates). Execfile creates a new global scope, which is initially

There are 2 solutions (or 3):

1. Look at http://docs.python.org/library/functions.html#execfile and
pass globals as the second arg, like this: 


2. Import all stuff in your script explicitly, i.e. start your script

  from yade import * ## all c++ classes, O (Omega) object 
  from math import * ## math functions

3. A long-term solution would be to have nothing imported automatically,
requiring all scripts to start with

  from yade import * # or import yade, if you use yade.O and so on

This would be the cleanest solution and we might go in that direction in
the future pehaps.

Cheers, v

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