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Re: One particule's equilibrium force


Hello Nejib,

I think you'll have to precise your question. The trajectory of a particle during a simulation is directly computed by Yade : that's its aim, I would say ! It depends indeed on the sum of the forces acting on a particle, which you can have in python with

O.forces.f(id of the particle you want to consider)

It returns you the corresponding vector (and O.forces.t for the resulting torque)


Le 15/11/2010 18:53, Hadda Nejib a écrit :

Hi evrybody,

Seems that for discrete elements schemes, one particle’s equilibrium force (Unbalanced force for one particle) is necessary to locate its position (I mean its trajectory during simulation).

Is it computed elsewhere in YADE?

Jérôme Duriez
ATER Polytech' Grenoble - Laboratoire 3S-R (ne pas laisser de messages sur le répondeur)