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Re: Arbitrary aligned box or plane


Hi Klaus,
pack.inAlignedBox just works for a box which is aligned to the coordinate
system. Is there a way to get an arbitrary aligned box (e.g. by transforming
the aligned box)?
If you need the sphere packing, you can transform it with https://www.yade-dem.org/sphinx/yade.pack.html#yade._packSpheres.SpherePack.rotate . Let me know if that is not enough for your purposes.

The reason I did not create general box orientation is that checking whether particle is inside or outside is more complicated; but now I have the idea that it could be actually done by keeping corners and box transformation in the predicate, then transforming points to be checked, rather than checking points against true (non-aligned) boundaries.
Is there a way to generate particles on a plane (e.g. gts-surface)?
Probably not directly (though you could create a thin volume for instance). Can you be more specific as to what usage you have in mind?

Cheers, Václav

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