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Re: Combining engines prescribing movement


What if if do so in Translation/Rotation engines?:

if (!b->isDynamic())    b->state->pos+=dt*velocity;


2010/11/19 Václav Šmilauer <eu@xxxxxxxx>

> OK, after some thinking and skyping w/ Chiara:
> I will remove displacements and rotations in ForceContainer, and replace
> them by one-time velocity and angularVelocity: they will be added to
> state->vel and state->angVel in NewtonIntegrator, but reset by
> ForceResetter; and they can accumulate, just like forces do.
> Further, Body::isDynamic will change its meaning to be simply
> state->blockedDOFs=State::DOF_ALL. Remembering that blockedDOFs block forces
> (not displacements per se), therefore, "non-dynamic" bodies _will_ be moved
> by NewtonIntegator if they will have non-zero velocity! That might break
> existing simulations, but now is the right period to do that (and see also
> shamefully long-lasting https://bugs.launchpad.net/yade/+bug/398089). I
> will also modify TranslationEngine accordingly, and will add regression
> tests to make sure two TranslationEngines can be combined and so on. That
> will ensure that the behavior will be consistent in the future.
> Comments (besides that it should not change because it will break old
> simulations, please; run those with frozen version of yade)? (->yade-dev)
> Cheers, v.
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