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Re: [Question #138108]: issues with plotting (maybe due to matplotlib)


Question #138108 on Yade changed:

Václav Šmilauer requested for more information:
Hi Giulia,

a few questions"

1. From what you posted, it seems that the error is triggered by
clicking on the plot window. Can you confirm/refute that?

2. Did plotting work flawlessly before and now it broke? The other
option is that it was always like that or you did not try to plot. If it
changed recently, it would be a good pointer, though I am not aware of
any changes there recently.

3. Can you try setting plot.live=False before the actual plot is
created? That would narrow the source to the event handling, which seems
to get in loop somehow... Like this:

  from yade import plot
  plot.live=False      # only add this line

4. Since you say it happens every time at your machine, could you
reproduce the issue at another computer, with a newer version of Ubuntu
(10.04 for instance)? If it works, then it would be an issue in
pyqt/matplotlib; we could backporst newer version of matplotlib to 9.10
easily, but doing the same with pyqt4 would be more involved, if at all

Nejib, what do you mean that python cannot handle 'none' values? Do you
mean NaN? Or None? NaN's are skipped in plots, while plotting None (if
you manage to smuggle it in to plot.data, which would be surprising)
will raise a clear "TypeError: a float is required" exception.

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