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Include your simulation examples in check tests


Dear all,

If you'd like to be sure that your simulations will not be affected
before updating your Yade sources, then check tests are for you.
You can put a small simulation example with reproducible results in
check tests, then your script will be ran automatically each time
somebody commit a change to the trunk.

Results of tests are given here :
(increment the "387" for next revisions, this link points to  bzr2757

There is for now only one real check test, testing the peak stress in a
triaxial compression. You can have a look at it for inspiration of how
to design a test script. FYI, the result of this small triaxial test has
not been modified by last 120 commits.

See scripts/test/checks/README for more details.

Happy checkTests!


are kept iYou can verify the behaviour of your Yade simulations in

check want to know wether make sure your simulations will not be affected


Bruno Chareyre
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