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what is the difference between TriaxialTest (aperiodic) and PeriIsoCompressor (periodic)


Dear All,

According to the interpretation about RandomDensePack, the explanation
in Manuals is described like this "yade.pack.randomDensePack(predicate,
radius, material=-1, dim=None, cropLayers=0, rRelFuzz=0.0,
spheresInCell=0, memoizeDb=None, useOBB=True, memoDbg=False,

    Generator of random dense packing with given geometry properties,
using TriaxialTest (aperiodic) or PeriIsoCompressor (periodic). The
periodicity depens on whether the spheresInCell parameter is given."

Even through connected with the codes in pack, I can't understand the
difference between them yet. Besides taking time, what is other
difference in terms of the physical means or the number of the
particles? May I get some help from you? Thank you!

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