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Re: what is the difference between TriaxialTest (aperiodic) and PeriIsoCompressor (periodic)


Hi Liqing,

Could you please ask questions via : launchpad questions:

The difference is that the non-periodic version will generate spheres
strictly inside a volume, while periodic conditions can give spheres
crossing the edges of the periodic cell.
I must say I don't completely understand your question.


On 28/03/11 05:12, Liqing Jiao wrote:
> Dear All,
> According to the interpretation about RandomDensePack, the explanation
> in Manuals is described like this "yade.pack.randomDensePack(predicate,
> radius, material=-1, dim=None, cropLayers=0, rRelFuzz=0.0,
> spheresInCell=0, memoizeDb=None, useOBB=True, memoDbg=False,
> color=None)[source]¶
>     Generator of random dense packing with given geometry properties,
> using TriaxialTest (aperiodic) or PeriIsoCompressor (periodic). The
> periodicity depens on whether the spheresInCell parameter is given."
> Even through connected with the codes in pack, I can't understand the
> difference between them yet. Besides taking time, what is other
> difference in terms of the physical means or the number of the
> particles? May I get some help from you? Thank you!
> Cheers
> Liqing

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