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Re: [Question #150852]: what is the difference between TriaxialTest (aperiodic) and PeriIsoCompressor (periodic)


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Chareyre proposed the following answer:
Which version is better depends on what you will do with the packing,
mostly. Usually, the periodic version will only be usefull if the
generated packing will be used in simulations of periodic boundary
conditions (else you get a packing that doesn't fit in the boundaries of
your problem).

For number of spheres and error in non-periodic version, I can't help
much (I have no experience with RandomDensePack). It seems this function
is running a list of relatively complex things all in one. Maybe
something has been broken by changes in some engines. If you have a
reproducible failure in non-periodic mode, you could open a bug
(https://bugs.launchpad.net/yade/+filebug) telling what version you use,
what command you type, etc.

If RandomDensePack doesn't work and if you want to better control the
number of particles, I suggest using a combination of the makeCloud()
function and triaxial controllers, instead of RandomDensePack. See
example scripts psd.py (where you can impose the number of spheres in
both periodic and non-periodic), triax-basic.py (non-periodic) ,
periodic-triax-Hzise.py (periodic with arbitrary shape).

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