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Re: [Question #164575]: High Young Modulus


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Luc Scholtès proposed the following answer:
Hi Daniel,

again, not sure to get to the point, but, from what I remember you work
with regular packings generated with a certain overlapping (?). If the
ratio between the overlapping and the "Young modulus" is high, it could
explain your problem. Your packing is not stress free initially and the
repulsive interparticle forces could produce the explosion. Have you
tried with low values of the Young modulus? Have you experienced the
same problem?

Please let us know.

>From my part, I also work to simulate rock like material and I use the
CohesiveFrictionalPM in order to deal with initially stress-free
assemblies. For instance, CFpm utilizes the initial overlapping as the
equilibrium distance to compute the normal force Fn=k*(D-Deq), whereas
the CohesiveFrictionalContactLaw uses the "real" overlapping between the
spheres Fn=kD.



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