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[Question #165914]: Any limits on radiusMean or upperCorner of TriaxialTest?


New question #165914 on Yade:


I am running TriaxialTest and having some problems with simulation. 

When I used particles of quite large size (30-40mm radiusMean), I can get results (stress and strains etc.) clearly and seems they are quite OK with experimental data (still working on that issue, but seems they are OK). However, when I changed radiusMean to 0.00011 (to simulateToyoura sand, D50 = 0.22mm) and upperCorner with some values (e.g. 0.008x0.008x0.008, 0.005x0.005x0.005, 0.22x0.22x0.22 or even 1.0x1.0x1.0 (default) etc.), the results of s11,s22 and s33 are "0" while e11, e22 and e33 read as "nan". 

Are they any limits on size of the particles or on upperCorner? If not, do you have any guess why this might happen?

Thank you for your supports.


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