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Re: [Question #670169]: informations about packing


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> if i run Two Times The same particles deposition with The same
material parameters

as explained above (in #1), with your usage of randomDensePack, you do NOT run the same deposition, since the initial positions are different.
The same material parameters are necessary but not sufficient condition.

> when i put The positions in The script impact i obtain two results a
little bit different

see above, the final result of depositions are not the same, therefore
their usage in another simulation implies different results.

> And i wanted To know How can i avoid IT

as explained above (in #1), you can:
- avoid randomDensePack, loading the particles from pre-saved file
- use randomDensePack, but with memoizeDb argument
- use makeCloud instead of randomDensePack with constant nonzero seed argument


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