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Re: [Question #670255]: Modelling a Homogenous slope with properties of rock


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Luc Scholtès proposed the following answer:
Hi there,

The main difficulty here is to generate an assembly with the shape of a
slope. There is actually no "ready to use" method for doing so but a
first workaround would consist in having a look at this section of the


then, you should have a look at the examples provided in the
trunk/example/jointedCohesiveFrcitionalPM/ folder where you will find
several scripts which will help you a lot since there is, in there, all
the material needed to create a simulation where a cylindrical sample
containing a persistent fracture plane (with a given dip) is subjected
to gravity (which is basically what you want to achieve with a slope
geometry instead of the cylinder).

Regarding the "granitic rock properties" of the slope material, this
will have to do with the definition of the parameters in your simulation
and you could have a look at the following ref to make up your mind
about it:


Please have a look at all this and let us know how it goes.



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