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[Question #670317]: Modelling and solving DEM-LBM problems


New question #670317 on Yade:

Dear All,

I am a PhD student and new to YADE & LBM, My PhD topic is related to"Numerical Modelling of Particle-Fluid interactions". For modelling, I intend to choose DEM-LBM numerical methods. In the literature, researchers had used coupling of two open source software like PALABOS for LBM and YADE for DEM. 

At this point, I have few questions regarding LBM-YADE coupling:
1) Can I apply this coupling phenomena for a 3D problem ?
2) Can I extend the LBM code to Multi-phase fluids and couple it back with YADE for solving a Multi-phase fluids-solid interaction case? 

Can anyone answer my questions. Thank you.

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