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Re: [Question #670047]: Determining macro parameters in uniaxial compression


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Aníbal Sánchez Numa posted a new comment:

I used now a very low stressUpdateInterval and it's much better, the
stress changes from the very second point, so I could now use the first
slope (between the first and second point) or I could use (as you
suggested) the linear regression. From my point of view the linear
regression is better since I would be calculating an approximate slope
from a long part of the curve and if I calculate the first derivative it
would be in just one point, so I prefer the linear regression but which
are the "right points"?? I plotted the curve using Excel and it makes
some "jumps" in some points (I don't know why) so I took just the
initial part where I see a pretty well defined ascending slope and got
the slope from the regression. Do you think that would be right?? It's
very important for my research to get an accurate Young modulus since
I'm trying to relate it to the material's equivalent...


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