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Re: [Question #670099]: parameter scaling


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azim is still having a problem:
Hi Jerome and Bruno,
Thanks for your reply. sorry for being late. I had a lot of problems last week And couldn't focus on the project.

Dear Jerome,

>> 1) Yade users have access to any possible properties (density, gravity, length, etc....) of their models, so all options are possible.
I read an article about calibration written by Jan Stranskey[1]. it it possible to analyse the effect of scaling in dimensional analysis!!
I need to proof  scaling results theoretically. does all the options you mentioned have the ability to be studied with dimensional analysis in([Stransky2010]) [1]?

>> 2) I personaly used density scaling in [Duriez2018] (from https://www.yade-dem.org/doc/publications.html).
However, thinking now in terms of inertial number (see the granular mechanics litterature), I do not think any more density scaling can be of a real help.

 what do you mean when you say: "I do not think anymore density scaling can be of a real help"?
is it disused? or there is a better way? or there will be no real changes in comparison to non-scale condition??

>> Note that this question has already been discussed on this mailing list, see e.g. https://answers.launchpad.net/yade/+question/626656
I read there>> Bruno Chreyre: Quasistatic means that all inertial effects can be neglected.
in one of my models I can ignore inertial forces, but in the other one inertia has a big effect on my results.



Dear Bruno,

>> 1/ If you have very heterogeneous...with broad size distribution....
yes, I have a broad size distribution.

>> 2/ in all cases you can decrease the stiffness/externalPressure ratio to gain speedup, physical implications needs to be checked carefuly - there can be some.
i don't really get it.
(particles stiffness/confining pressure)? in which conditions do i need to decrease it??loading, packing?
and, which physical implications i need to check??

finally, I need to mention that I want to use one kind of scaling options in  DEM-PFV that you are so expert in.
let me know(please), if something relevant exists. or there is something I’m ignorant about.


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