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Re: [Question #675879]: Polyhedron interaction with sphere


Question #675879 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
My comment was to Robert's MWE illustrating problem with no interaction
at all

In your case it depends on where the problem is.
1) there is no interaction at the 1st step for exactly touching particles. This is ok, see my comment above
2) there is no interaction at all during the simulation. This definitely would be a problem.

I tested your code and could not reproduce your problem on Ubuntu 18.04 (similar to Robert's example), the interaction is real for both eps_pos=1e-5 and eps_pos=0.0
interesting :-)

Installing 18.04 might help but probably is not necessary, the true
reason is somewhere else (CGAL version maybe, on 18.04 "apt show
libcgal-dev" shows version 4.11-2build1).


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