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[Question #675971]: interacting or non interacting spheres


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Dear all,

I need some help in order to improve my way of doing statistical analysis. I want to deposit individual spheres with large diameter on a rough surface made with small monosize sphere layer. this step is before tilting or vibrating the structure with capillary forces insde it.
The bottom layer is built by glued immobile spheres and the individual large spheres are deposited on top of them but I don't want interaction between these large spheres (i.e. one large does not see the other large ones but see the bottom layer)

I can make a deposit of few large spheres with a packing fraction less than 5% which can limit the large sphere interactions but I will need a large bottom surface, the other way is to avoid interaction between the large ones by defining some key parameters? this is what I am looking for: is it possible and how?
Indeed, this soluton will help me to do a smaller global system.

Thanks in advance for your help


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