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Re: [Question #675971]: interacting or non interacting spheres


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Luc OGER posted a new comment:
Dear Bruno,

thanks for your answer, I agree with you that the first solution is
based on permanent reconstruction of two bodies interactions in order to
switch the flag, and I was not so clear on how to implement it....

Your solution looks easier and closer to what I was expecting:
"automatic kind of detection". If I have perfectly understood the Mask
idea : I will avoid interaction between two bodies having the same
Mask=2 but I will have interaction between a body with Mask=1 and body
with Mask=2 as I expect!

And, to answer at the last point: I also agree that during the
deposition step this non interaction between large spheres is not
crucial: I can keep the normal behaviour. it is just an help for the
size of the bottom plane if the size of large sphere is large and I want
to have enough statistics.

BUT the mean reason of this non-interaction is during the titlting or the oscillating process: as I am looking at the percentage of sphere which have moved versus mechanical parameters (inclinaison rate or frequency-amplitude of oscillation) , these movements have to be direct not generated by a billiard collision with a previous large sphere already in movement.
so I will try and let you know if it is working



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