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[Question #676013]: Some questions about plot.plots


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Hi all,

Recently, i find a function utils.psd()(https://yade-dem.org/doc/yade.utils.html?highlight=utils.psd#yade.utils.psd) 
that is useful for my simulation. Sphere size may change as simulation test is going on, and  i need to observe the evolution of the sphere size distribution curve throughout the simulation, so i try to use the following method learned from the doc to plot the curve : 

def psdMonitor():
    binsSizes, binsProc, binsSumCum =utils.psd(bins=30, mass=True, mask=-1)

O.engines=O.engines+[PyRunner(commad='psdMonitor()', iterPeriod=100)]


But then i found the return value of utils.psd() are three lists (for example binsSizes is list of bin's size), which may be not suitable for plot.plots. So is there a similar way to plot.plots to show the curve i need? just like plot.plots={'i' : ('unbalanced')} that can plot evolution of the value need to observe. Or there are some other better ways to solve my problem? 


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