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Re: [Question #676370]: Unhandled exception in thread started by <function liveUpdate at 0x7f0388a37320>


Question #676370 on Yade changed:

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Cloud is still having a problem:
Hi, Jérôme,

This modification does not seem to solve my problem, but thank you for
your help.

Hi, Bruno,

"some minor modifications" include num_spheres=5000,
targetPorosity=0.40, compFricDegree=20, young=500e6,
mn,mx=Vector3(0,0,0),Vector3(1,1,2), confiningStress=100000 and
defining a funtion stoploading() used to stop loading when axis strain
reach a target value. These are the data I need to modify for
comparative simulations.  Young's modulus is a quantity for comparison.
I feel that these changes are not a big problem. Everything is the same
except for Young's modulus. When it is 100e6, the simulation works
normally, but when I only modify it to 500e6, it appears the problem I
described. This is where I don't understand.


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