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Re: [Question #676382]: Engine Error (JCFpmMat)


Question #676382 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský requested more information:
Thanks for the code in personal communication. However, next time please post it here, too.
I suspect O.bodies.replaceByClumps..

What happen if you O.materials.append first FrictMat and then JCFpmMat
(updating material of walls and spheres accordingly)? Do you still have
the same problem?

For the replaceByClumps issue, could you please try to test a very simple example (I have never used the function myself and don't know to use it) with:
1) O.materials.append(JCFpmMat(...))
2) O.materials.append(FrictMat(...))
3) create a few spheres
4) replaceByClumps
5) O.step()

the code crashes at the very first step.


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