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Re: [Question #676370]: Unhandled exception in thread started by <function liveUpdate at 0x7f0388a37320>


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Cloud posted a new comment:
Hi, Robert

Thank you very much for your reply!

>Why are you asking matplotlib to update every 20 iterations during a
simulation that runs 500k iterations?

This is just the value in script-session1.py, I don't modify it for I
want  to record accurate data, but I have never thought that there will
be problems at this point.

>We "solved" this problem in [1]. Will you please read through [1],
confirm the problem is the same, try the solution, and then tell us if
it works?

Yes, it works. IterPeriod is set to a very large value (
iterperiod=10000 as you say), if so,  I can't record accurate data any

>I guess that is a "while" without the error?


matplotlib.__version__   '2.1.1'
Yade  2018.02b
Ubuntu  18.04.1 LTS


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