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Re: [Question #676507]: what are the differences of YADE with PFC version 6 in simulating?


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Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:

I have a question for you, it seems PFC is providing the exact
functionality you need, so why are seeking a replacement? Anyways, it's
always a good exercise to find out which functionalities are "sorely"
missing from one code or another, so let's discuss!

>>1) ability to couple with FLAC3D, 
Depends on the FLAC3D interface. Yade was coupled with Escript [1]

>>2) robustness of the contact detection and resolution, 
Please elaborate. Yade's contact detection is quite robust. 

>>3) efficiency especially during flow, 
What kind of flow? CFD? Does PFC have a 3D PFV model like Yade? 

>>4) block rounding,
What is that?

>>5) ability to model in 2D and 3D with nearly the same data files,
What is that?

 >>6) Python bindings to the rigid block data structures.
Yade is fully wrapped in Python. Every object can be exposed to Python.

>>Yade can simulate model in 100*50*20 m dimensions? 


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