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Re: [Question #677516]: Number of Breakage in JCFPmMat


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Luc Scholtès proposed the following answer:
Hi Sayed,

I tried to work a bit on your script but it is not exactly a MWE for
many reasons (call for a packing that only you have and many lines that
are not relevant to your problem) and I spent several minutes already to
try to make your script work on my computer without success (and my
errors are not related to the problem you are facing, i.e., attributes
of JCFPM).

Please, try to modify your script so as it is a usable MWE so that we
can then try to see what is wrong.

FYI, I tried yade daily with one of my MWE and there is no problem with
getting the nbTensCracks. Thus there must be something wrong in your
script, not with JCFPM.

A remark: there is not need to use FrictMat for the walls. You can use
JCFpmMat and set the type != to the type used for the particles (e.g.,
type=0 for walls and type=1 for particles). With such configuration,
particles and walls will interact without any cohesion, and you'll have
much less engines to define.


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