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Re: [Question #678966]: Ubuntu 18.04.02&16.04.6


Question #678966 on Yade changed:

huyang posted a new comment:
Thank you very much!
It's the nearest try for me to install yade successfully.And that's my first time to log in launchpad and ask a question.
After doing your recommendation, the problem i asked has been solved successfully, but some new errors about Prerequisites come out soon. 
As i've trying to install yade for several days and never success. i abandoned to install yade on Bionic. 
But on Xenial, some questions came out too.
I'm really confused about yade&linux, for about a week ago, i just install ubuntu on my PC for the first time in my life.
There's a time, i contacted a master who had installed yade from sources successfully. He control my PC through a software named teamviewer, but he failed,either. It's him who told me about i can asking on  launchpad-yade, here might have some good guys solve these problems on my computer.

Really thank you, Caulk, for answering my question so many times.

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