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Re: [Question #679050]: GSTS gives an unstable dt?


Question #679050 on Yade changed:

Jérôme Duriez posted a new comment:

Which bodies have their displacements/positions controlled ?
the spheres (as your question says in the beginning) or some boundary facets (HarmonicMotionEngine seems to apply to those only) ?

Note that displacement controlled bodies usually should have
state.dynamic = False. I also think it may be simpler to directly modify
their state.vel, instead of using (old) Engines whose exact behavior may
be more complicated to predict for a new user. (sorry about that..)

Generally speaking, my first guess would be:

No, it's not an instability issue (because GSTS seems to me to do its job very well).
Maybe your spheres and facets move so fast that they can cross each other in one timestep, without noticing it. This would be also time step-related obviously, but not in a divergence sense.

Unstable dt give weird results in the sense they go to infinity (=

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