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Re: [Question #679050]: GSTS gives an unstable dt?


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Alessandro Finazzi posted a new comment:
Hi Jérôme and Fabio,
thanks for your answers.

Just to answer to Jérôme question and to explain in a more detailled way the simulation that I need: I have a sort of mixer, filled with spheres, that is shaken up and down at very high accelerations (from 50 g to 100 g, as peak).  And I have to study energies, number of interactions and so on of the system.
In short: just the facets composing the cylinder will have their position controlled.

>From your answers I get that isn't an instability issue, and so GSTS isn't resposible for this behaviour.
I'll try to modify the script and use state.vel instead of the HarmonicMotionEngine, let's see if it solves the problem. 

If you have any other suggestion to avoid this "crossing" that you
described, let me know.

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