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Re: [Question #679153]: About batch mode


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> What is going on here?

yadedaily-batch --help
and --job-threads option. The default value is 1, therefore you see 4 cores, for each task 1 core

> to take full advantage of CPU

this is a tricky part.
If your simulations take comparable amount of time, I would use
yadedaily-batch -j 12 --job-threads 3 ...
to use 12 cores, but to decrease "parallel overhead" 
If your simulations differ very much in length, you can use --job-threads 12 not to wait too long for unfinished jobs.
BUT, it may happen that using 12 cores take more time then, e.g., 6 cores :-)

So to take really "full advantage of CPU", you have to play a bit :-)


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