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Re: [Question #679154]: run FEMxDEM examples


Question #679154 on Yade changed:

jamespaul posted a new comment:
Thanks Janek for your detailed teaching,but I still have some questions
that I didn’t understand.

>we can both improve the documentation
Since I will spend a lot of time studying coupling, I am willing to cooperate with you if I have the ability.

>which yade

I installed yade using sudo apt-get install yade.

>this symlink is called yadeimport.py and is placed inside py/FEMxDEM directory
I typed dpkg -L yade and locate yadeimport.py but still can't find yadeimport.py.

>about 6 commands 
1 sudo apt install python-escript  #it must be right 

2 cd /usr/share/doc/yade/examples/FEMxDEM    #I think the path is right?
Enter examples,not library or interface.

3 export PYTHONPATH="/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/yade/py/yade/FEMxDEM"
#I'm not sure.I use locate FEMxDEM to find the path,somewhat different
from your third step.

4 export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/python-escript/lib #it must be right.

5 ln -s /usr/bin/yade #the second argment is the path of yadeimport.py,I
don't know how to get.

6 ln -s /usr/bin/yade ./biaxialSmooth.py #it must be right.


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