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Re: [Question #679251]: Install yade 2019a


Question #679251 on Yade changed:

Jérôme Duriez proposed the following answer:

"And what is rev3682 from https://yade-

I think it is this 6 years-old version: 

I think we can say this historical "rev3682" note is not really relevant
anymore (sorry..), in the sense any modern time YADE version would fit:
you can safely use 2018.02b.

Few hints for checking whether a page of the doc has been recently updated or not (= whether the versions prerequisites it includes, are still relevant and should be closely followed, or not) :

- The "Ubuntu 10.04" note at the top of https://yade-dev.gitlab.io/trunk/FEMxDEM.html already tells you it's not really up-to-date
- checking "history" thanks to our version control systems, eg https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/commits/master/doc/sphinx/FEMxDEM.rst (where you can browse through the history of changes, and see when the last ones occured)

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