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Re: [Question #679543]: Is class `Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb` to be actually used?


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Gael Lorieul is still having a problem:
Hi Marcus,

Thanks for your answer!

El lun, 25-03-2019 a las 17:13 +0000, Marcus Moravia escribió:
 > As far as I know, 'Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb' is used for chained cylinder.
 > 'Bo1_GridConnection_Aabb' is used for cylindrical connections created
 > by connecting two GridNodes.

In that case, why do none of the Chained-Cylinder examples [1] make use 
of `Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb`, but employ `Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb` instead? 
Is `Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb` meant to be used as a base abstract class? Or was 
it meant to be used directly as well?

Note: in the documentation, it is not mentioned explicitly that 
`Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb` is abstract, unlike other classes [3]

Note #2:  Currently (Yade 2018.02b), `Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb` does not 
inherit from `Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb` [4], but it seems it did in the past [5].




[3] For instance:

[4] ./pkg/common/Cylinder.hpp:206

     class Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb : public BoundFunctor

[5] ./pkg/common/Cylinder.hpp:289
     // Keep this : Cylinders and ChainedCylinders will have different 
centers maybe.
     // class Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb : public Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb

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