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Re: [Question #679543]: Is class `Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb` to be actually used?


Question #679543 on Yade changed:

Gael Lorieul gave more information on the question:
Hi all,

El lun, 25-03-2019 a las 17:13 +0000, Marcus Moravia escribió:
> As far as I know, 'Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb' is used for chained cylinder.
> 'Bo1_GridConnection_Aabb' is used for cylindrical connections created
> by connecting two GridNodes.

El 25-03-19 a las 14:53, Gaël Lorieul escribió:
> In that case, why do none of the Chained-Cylinder examples [1] make use 
> of `Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb`, but employ `Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb` instead? 
> Is `Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb` meant to be used as a base abstract class? Or was 
> it meant to be used directly as well?
> Note: in the documentation, it is not mentioned explicitly that 
> `Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb` is abstract, unlike other classes [3]
> Note #2:  Currently (Yade 2018.02b), `Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb` does not 
> inherit from `Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb` [4], but it seems it did in the past [5].
 > [...]
> [4] ./pkg/common/Cylinder.hpp:206
> class Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb : public BoundFunctor
> [5] ./pkg/common/Cylinder.hpp:289
> // Keep this : Cylinders and ChainedCylinders will have different centers maybe.
> // class Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb : public Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb 

I've been retracing the apparition of the `// class 
Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb : public Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb` code line in the 
source code. It seems it was first added [1] by `bchareyre` in commit 
`8ad46e4` [2] and was already in commented-out form. The same commit 
also added the (uncommented) code line `class Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb : public 
BoundFunctor` [3]

The commit message [4] reads (amongst other things): "cylinder : a new 
shape, first step in experiments for  tracking interactions jumping over 
chained elements." which seems to confirm Marcus's suggestion that the 
`Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb` class was added with the idea of supporting 
ChainedCylinders, more than the Minkowski cylinders created by the 
`gridpfacet.cylinder()` function.

Bruno Chareyre, if are reading this, could you confirm or contradict our 
conjectures about the `Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb` class? And tell us what is its 
purpose and how it should be used, please?


pkg/common/DataClass/Shape/Cylinder.hpp : 135


pkg/common/DataClass/Shape/Cylinder.hpp : 146


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