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Re: [Question #679566]: Some questions about simulating consolidated undrained triaxial test


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Recently, there is a problem that has been confusing me, that is, using
DEM to simulate consolidate undrained triaxial tests. In laboratory ,
consolidated undrained triaxial test require  stability of the confining
pressure by the servo system, and keep sample volume constant through
undrained condition, and these two systems are independent and basically
do not interfere with each other, which means that confining pressure
and volume of the sample do not change during the shearing process.
However, as one of the methods, we set

stressMask = 0
triax.goal2 = rate
triax.goal1 = triax.goal3 = - rate/2

to simulate undrained condition in Yade. It seems that only the volume
of the sample can keep constant, the confining pressure is changing
during shearing. So is this method not very compatible with laboratory
tests? Does this have an impact on the accuracy of the simulation

Thank you !

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