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[Question #679618]: About the precision in Yade


New question #679618 on Yade:

I want to know if the precision of the output will change when using multiprocessing method?
I generated a cell using periodic boundary and run 1 step. All the input are the same, but the output has a little difference.
The only difference is that I used multiprocessing module.

Here is an example:
s = utils.getStress()
stress = .5*(s+s.transpose())

This is the output not using multiprocessing:
Matrix3(-3.2318083264549893e8,-1.0280421281453311e8,8.650857104999597e7, -1.0280421281453311e8,-2.711494053389691e8,5.1181854736692876e7, 8.650857104999597e7,5.1181854736692876e7,-3.063417307183882e8)

using multiprocessing:
Matrix3(-3.231808326454989e8,-1.0280421281453317e8,8.650857104999602e7, -1.0280421281453317e8,-2.711494053389688e8,5.1181854736692905e7, 8.650857104999602e7,5.1181854736692905e7,-3.063417307183884e8)


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