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Re: [Question #679638]: How to assign the values of kn ks of particles in Yade directly


Question #679638 on Yade changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Jan Stránský requested more information:

sorry, your question is too ambiguous, please be more specific
(especially what is wrong)

> the contacts can have the same kn and ks, what should I do?

simple answer, you should do nothing special :-)

yes, contacts can have the same kn and ks (depending on meaning):
- kn=ks would be for poisson=1.0
- kn_interaction1=kn_interaction2 would be if their material properties and radii related to interactions have mutually special properties.

Is "same kn and ks" (whatever it means) a problem? why? why would you
want it different?


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