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Re: [Question #679638]: How to assign the values of kn ks of particles in Yade directly


Question #679638 on Yade changed:

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nie jiayan gave more information on the question:
Dear Jan,

Thanks for your suggestions. My question is actually the second one you
mentioned that all the interactions have the same kn values and also the
same ks values.

 Actually, you know I used PFC before, and in PFC we can directly assign
the values of kn, ks in a simple linear contact model. But when I use
Yade to do the same simulation to compare both results, I found that in
Yade the particle materials properties like young, and poisson need to
be assigned when using the p2_FrictMat_FrictMat_FrictPhys() functor. And
the normal and shear stiffness of particles are determined based on the
particle radius and also the materials properties. So I just wonder how
to directly assign their values like kn=1.0e8, ks=1.0e8*0.3?  I think it
needs to modify some source code maybe? I have little experience about


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