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Re: [Question #679544]: Best way to fix typos in documentation: source edit + git push?


Hey Janek,

Thanks for offering your help! :)

El 03-05-19 a las 08:13, Janek Kozicki escribió:> Question #679544 on 
Yade changed:
 > https://answers.launchpad.net/yade/+question/679544
 > Janek Kozicki proposed the following answer:
 >> 2. Merge request from a repository of my own. Requires to have "group
 > runners"
 > I can help with that. Please give me the registration token for your
 > runners. I will add a runner for you. See https://gitlab.com/yade-
 > dev/trunk/merge_requests/112
 > You also need to add a tag "fast" after I add this runner for you.

First of all, Bruno Chareyre asked me for my GitLab.com user name, which 
I shared (`@GLorieul` [1]). So I assume he was considering adding me to 
the list of team members, possibly with reduced permissions?

 From what I understand, solution 2 (i.e. push to repository of your 
own, then merge request to official yade branch) is meant for teams of 
researchers of the same lab who want to work together on a clone of 
Yade, correct?

This is not my case: I am the only person of my team working on granular 
flows, the others are concerned with subjects that are not even related 
to mechanics. So would solution #2 be appropriate in that context?

In practice, I am not familiar with the concept of runners. I could 
learn more about them I guess, but if solution #1 (git push to new 
(temporary) branch of yade) can be worked out, I'd rather do that ;)

Janek, what is your opinion on that?