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Re: [Question #681232]: Sphere goes through the facet wall in Harmonic vibration


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gaoxuesong posted a new comment:
> the time step 
    The PWaveTimeStep is 1.02e-08. 
    By the way, the default option of Yade is in parallel and uses all of the available cores? In the tutorial, it says, "By default, each job uses all available cores for itself, which causes jobs to be effectively run in parallel. Number of cores per job can be globally changed via the --job-threads option" 
   If i just start a job by "yade pyname.py", is it executed in parallel and uses the available cores? If so, how many cores does it use when i start a new job without designating the cores to use? To  grab some cores from the first job? 

> the meaning of the mass reduction  
    For my case, the packing density is an important factor to affect the following process. Larger mass makes denser packing. So this is the meaning of the step.  Yes. I agree with you the mass modification changes the physical process. But if we actually care about the random feature of particle packing not the exact the particle distribution.  


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