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Re: [Question #683405]: Yade 2019.01a vs. gitlab version


Question #683405 on Yade changed:

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Bruno Chareyre proposed the following answer:
Hi Bettina,

> Do you agree?

Thanks for reporting.

I suspect a change done recently in order to make results *more reproducible* [1], especially with multithreaded (-jN) runs.
But of course it introduces a difference between older and newer results (they are all equally correct, though). It appeared in the master branch in June, so if you could compare 7a4a71ef (after change) to 900c7616 (before) it could confirm that.

If it doesn't:
- Could you paste here the exact script you are using, so everyone can reproduce the "#add plate..." messages?

- are timesteps the same?
- are all positions exactly the same at iteration 0, then 1? (you can just sum all positions together and compare the result to make it simpler)



[1] https://gitlab.com/yade-

Unlike what the commit message suggests most of the reproducibility is
obtained even if loopOnSortedInteractions=False.

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