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Re: [Question #683426]: principal stress rotation


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Jérôme Duriez proposed the following answer:

TriaxialStressController control algorithms only consider normal components ie xx,yy,zz (goal1,goal2,goal3). In terms of stress, those are the only components relevant if you have frictionless walls, as it is expected from YADE users / experimentalists in the lab.
With frictional walls, triax.stress(0) (with triax the TriaxialStressController instance in your simulation) may include non-zero shear stress, but you will not be able to control them.

I guess the solution is (as in experiments ?) to change the geometric
configuration of your simulation and switch to e.g. simple shear -- see
KinemCNLEngine and related engines if you wish --, hollow cylinder, ....

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