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Re: [Question #683489]: can not see particles in "show 3D"


Question #683489 on Yade changed:

Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:
I am not sure the problem he mentions is to do with clipping planes. It
is more of a rendering scale/orbit centering problem, if I had to
describe it without any technical understanding of the 3D renderer
source code. He has his spheres rendered at a small scale and the view
displays them with a proper render scale orbit center, as soon as he
adds these huge spheres spanning beyond the original render scale and
orbit center, the view has trouble displaying the properly. By
restarting the 3D view, it resets the scale and the orbit center.

Clipping planes on the other hand are used in the same manner as
paraview "clips", it removes any visualization beyond a certain plane
allowing the user to look inside the specimen.

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