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Re: [Question #683388]: How to clump spheres and facet obtained from stl format


Question #683388 on Yade changed:

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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> Is the pack.randomDensePack function appropriate for this situation?

if you do not need precise particle size distribution, then
randomDensePack is one option

> Any rule of thumb in deciding the sphere radius?

no, depends on your needs

> Does the function include overlapping of spheres?

no. But you can then enlarge the spheres to create overlaps

> By adding memoizeDb='/tmp/gts-packings.sqlite', does it mean that a
temporary sqlite file will be created to store the packing that will be

yes. The next run, this packing is read and is not generated again

[3] Is there any function to obtain the clump volume as comparison to
the imported gts surface.

> When running the script, I received the following error along with a blank view (no sphere or surface):
> WARN /build/yade-fDuCoe/yade-2018.02b/pkg/common/InsertionSortCollider.cpp:242 action: verletDist is set to 0 because no spheres were found. It will result in suboptimal performances, consider setting a positive verletDist in your script.

It is not error, but warning. Not inportant for now

To help you more, we would need a compete script and all data (i.e.
sample.gts file). For testing purposes, a simple tetrahedron should be
enough. So please provide the data to help you more.


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