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Re: [Question #683851]: contact detection between polyhedra and sphere


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> Can you atleast please give references for which Yade implemented the
contact detection from?

no :-) there is no reference, I just did something very simple to make it work.
- on polyhedron, find closes point ("closest") to the sphere's center ("center").
- then follow [1] to compute normal, penetrationDepth, contactPoint.

> in general

it is too general question :-) you can e.g.:
- use the current idea (see above)
- use the current idea, somehow enhanced (evaluate differently vertex/edge/face cases)
- do the same as polyhedron-polyhedron contact does, i.e. compute overlapping solid and use it for further computations (of contact point, normal direction etc.)
- surely something else..



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