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Re: [Question #683787]: Using ForceEngine to break a single JCFpm bond


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> First question -
> For the first trials, I tried using addF manually, using the code below (after running the script). I found that the bond breaks around O.forces.addF(1,(0,0,700)). (I first assumed that addF uses Newtons, but now I'm not so sure...). So, did I calculate FnMax correctly or not?

as suggested by Jerome, there is some dynamics in the system. You area inreasing the applied force and the particle accelerates, but the force in the interaction would be (most likely) less than the force applied (determined by displacement).
Then, naturally, the break is "delayed" from the force applied. So apart from applied force, you can also track the data from interaction itself.

> Second question -
> After that, I tried using the ForceEngine (same code, just uncomment #ForceEngine & #PyRunner), increasing the force on the particle, but I can't get it to break. Am I using the engine correctly?

The ForceEngine and PyRunner is commented (?) and therefore has no


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