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Re: [Question #684492]: Model particles (polyhedra) have moved far from each other from the first


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> they had very small penetrationVolume

"very small" is very relative :-) the value it far above rounding error
and (as mentioned above) the result of "explosion"

> The situation of particles before running the script are correct and they are loaded quite correctly.
> But when I load model in YADE without running, unbelievably I see visually some particles overlap!!!

That was my point. So the polyhedrons are NOT loaded quite correctly :-)

There might be several reasons:
- first, the saving / loading phase, double check your implementation (you cen use some toy data like two rectangles)
- the saved data has only 3 decimal digits (probably it it not the problem, but try with more precise values)
- polyhedrons in Yade are convex. Dos your geometry contains only convex shapes?
- ...

> 1- Is that possible this overlap is because of very small distance
between particles?

no, if there is very small distance between particles in your input
data, the same very small distance but no overlap should exist in loaded


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