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Re: [Question #689274]: PFV - Yade


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I have a general question about the PFV model in Yade. According to the
papers that document the model [1,2], the finite volume mesh is created
with tetrahedral elements. My question is, is the mesh size strictly
controlled by the triangulation which means that the user cannot refine
the mesh? Is the model sensitive to mesh refinement or it will
automatically create a mesh that is optimum (i.e. results are
independent of mesh size)?


[1] Chareyre, B., Cortis, A., Catalano, E., & Barthélemy, E. (2012). Pore-scale modeling of viscous flow and induced forces in dense sphere packings. Transport in porous media, 94(2), 595-615.
[2] Catalano, E., Chareyre, B., & Barthélemy, E. (2014). Pore‐scale modeling of fluid‐particles interaction and emerging poromechanical effects. International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, 38(1), 51-71.

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